All of Papa's Chocolates  are Dark Chocolate outside, unless noted: 

Signature Dark Chocolate (A unique blend of geographically specific chocolates, combined to create many layers of of delightful flavors)

Caramel with Fleur de Sel (A unique caramel made with Valrhona milk chocolate and Organic Ceam, blended into a smooth, flavorful treat, enrobed in a dark chocolate (68%) and topped with a natural sea salt from the South Coast of France.)  ***This is Papa's Most Popular***
*New*  Tamari Almond Dark Bark (Papa starts with raw almonds, roasts and seasons them himself, then enrobes them in Dark Chocolate.)
Ginger (dark Chocolate with a spicy hint of Ginger)

Holiday Spice (Dark chocolate with just a hint of pumpkin pie)

Mint (Dark chocolate infused with natural mint leaves)


S'Mores (Dark Chocolate Ganache with roasted mini marshwallows, set on a graham cracker)
Spiced Caramel (the Caramel with Fleur de Sel, and a slight cayenne kick)
Rosemary Raisin (A blend of bittersweet dark chocolate (54%), fresh rosemary and raisins.)
Peruvian Single Bean Dark Chocolate (An extremely rare single bean dark chocolate (68%).  In 1916, the "Nacional" variety of cacao tree was hit by disease and thought to be wiped out, ending up on the extinct species list.  In 2007, trees were rediscovered high in the Valley of the Maranon Canyon in Peru, and proven by DNA testing to be a pure strain of the Nacional Cacao Tree.  This Chacolate is one of Papa's most complex.)
Waialua Estate Grown Extra Dark Chocolate
Pure Waialua Estate Grown 70% Dark Chocolate Truffles.  A gourmet treat, with many layers of  flavor, and a long lasting finish.  A truly unique taste sensation, for lovers of very dark chocolate.

Also Available:

Milk Chocolate

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