Papa's Chocolates was started with the goal of creating an exceptional tasting dark chocolate ganache.
   Encouraged by a close friend, I searched for recipes to make a creamy, smooth Ganache.  With quite a bit of trial and error, I discovered my own method, but was still looking for the right combination of regional specific chocolates.  I  finally found the perfect combination, resulting in a dark chocolate that gave me everything I had been searching for.  I shared my chocolates with family and friends.  Everyone asked for more; then they told other chocolate lovers about them!  I was encouraged to enter them in a local chocolate competition and took first prize.
   I expanded my pursuit, always looking for something different, and decided to try making the perfect caramel chocolate. After much testing, burning pots, and throwing batches out, I came up with a caramel that wasn't too chewy, that was full of flavor. I added a bit of sea salt on top, entered this in a competition, and again won first prize.
    For Christmas 2007, my grandkids hand painted an apron for me  that said, "We love Papa's Chocolates".  At that point, the light went on.  Now everyone can enjoy Papa's Chocolates!